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We contribute to the creation  real estate  and settlements useful  for the environment and human health.

Real estate takes most of the life resources from Nature.

How to make your home and settlement an Autonomous Eco-Fortress, a stronghold of Homo Sapiens, Flora and Fauna? How, for this purpose, to carry out Eco-tuning of an existing object or create a new one? We will tell and show on real examples.

Within this project  specific cases are considered:

- eco-tuning of real estate objects, including their own;

-experience in building a stunningly thoughtful and environmentally friendly, but at the same time quite typical house in Finland, perhaps the most advanced country in ecology and many other things;

  -experience in developing the concept, project and construction of the "First unique Eco-hotel in Sochi" (according to the leading Green Building Council in the Russian Federation) - "Bamboo Farm", which is located and successfully operates  ) in the city of Sirius (Imeretinskaya Valley, Sochi, Krasnodar Territory, next to the Olympic Park);

    We also plan to consider and discuss:

- more and more popular in recent years,  the topic of eco-settlements (incredibly interesting and very multifaceted) with many projects of which in our country and abroad we are practically familiar;

- the use of Permaculture technologies directly from the gurus of this direction,  the world-famous Sep Holtzer, whom we met both with him in Austria and with us in Tsarskoye Selo.

  And much more.

Recently, Valery Vakulenko was awarded a diploma for participation as a speaker in the program of the VIII All-Russian meeting of workers in the field of additional education for children (with international participation). 

Our real estate formula  ECO SANA CLUB



ECO-friendly and ECONOMICAL



The environmental friendliness of real estate is evaluated according to numerous green criteria.  standards  such  like LEED and  BREEAM.


UN Sustainable Development Goals, May 2018 Decree of the President of the Russian Federation  determine the global tasks and principles of development of the human environment.

Vital  and professional  an experience  in real estate has developed into a formula  ECO SANA CLUB .  

The formula operates with concepts similar to  to every person: ecology and  economy (Eco), health (Sana) and relations between people (Club).

Why the EcoSanaClub approach is important

ECOESTATE projects show how to implement the EcoSanaClub formula at different scales  from an apartment to larger facilities, including eco-villages of dozens of houses.

We combine  environmental and economic effect during construction and operation  real estate objects. We learn to build harmonious relationships in the community, maintain health and longevity by investing in the right real estate.

Projects in progress


Portfolio excerpts

ECOESTATE™ is a new brand under which since 2008 the company ROST, the oldest in the real estate market of St. Petersburg (founded in 1991) has been operating.


14.РОСТ.как стать.1991.png

Developed series  practical aids for the new economy of the Soviet Union and Russia  "How to create a new type of company and organize its work?",  How to become a homeowner with maximum benefit?

Conducted seminars on this topic, bringing together up to 500 participants from all over the country.

Actively  participated  in the formation of a young real estate market, developed new  methods and schemes of work

For example, we have developed and applied equity investment schemes for construction in progress.

We cooperated in this direction with the largest machine-building corporation "Electrosila", with the financial and industrial group "ROSSTRO

Among the first, we mastered the resettlement of communal apartments, and in particular, with the help of this process, we sold a comfortable apartment to Valery Gergiev. 


ISU-ROST  - a mobile business tool in the global economy

Developed and put into practice cloud technology for business management  Internet System  Management ISU GROWTH.

ISU ROST is a virtual office that  allows you to manage the company's activities and business processes through a single system for the exchange, storage, processing and transmission of information through the administrative website of the company.

Such a system was one of the first, if not the first in Russia.

Adaptation of IMS for use in the work of public organizations, on the example of a project for the International Delphic Council .

Co-development of a major Finnish project Saimaa Gardens

We acted as the exclusive Russian partner of the project of the largest eco-resort in Northern Europe on the shores of Lake Saimaa in Finland.

40.Saimaa Gardens.jpg

Major renovation project 

health resort Prometheus 

Sochi, Khostinsky district




I have long defined  the meaning of their activity in the production of benefits  for society. And most importantly  in a person's life, in my opinion, health and development.


​​ I am sure that for sustainable development, the most important thing is a person and his habits. It is possible to build advanced systems and waste processing plants by spending resources on this and continuing to spend them in the future. And you can educate people, change their consumption habits: return to the recent past to a minimum of packaging, shopping bags, collection of waste paper and milk in cans. It will take more time, but in the end, many of the resources of our planet will be preserved. There is nothing more effective than a paradigm shift!

Valery Vakulenko

President of the Ecodevelopment Innovation Center ECOESTATE

Valery Vakulenko

The president

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Nina Vakulenko

Vice President

Александр Константинов ECOESTATE



Managing director

Personnel reserve


Anton Vakulenko

UN Sustainable Development Goals and Language Specialist


Maxim Vakulenko

IT Specialist

There are many session players in our team who  join our work if necessary. Working together with professionals of various profiles, we achieve the best results.

The Vakulenko family is the heart of the company, which nourishes the meanings, sets the direction and helps to keep the team focused. 

Mass Media about us

‎Be consistent with your ideals both at work and at home

Ideas on how society can develop in order not to destroy the habitat along the way and leave it in the best possible shape for future generations, the ECOESTATE team tries to implement both at work and in the family:

“When you understand the significance of something positive, then doing everything that works for this goal is a pleasure.”


The spring issue of the City Kaleidoscope magazine published an interview with the Vakulenko family.

The President of ECOESTATE, Valery Mikhailovich and Vice-President Nina Alexandrovna, together with the younger generation, showed by their example how not only to talk about ecology, but also to live in accordance with environmental values every day.

The material turned out to be sincere and family.Get to know our leaders better. Their example inspires us to pursue the Sustainable Development Goals not only in professional activities, but in every aspect of our lives.

2019.04.Городской Калейдоскоп_Вакуленко

Environmental problems are obvious and increasingly affect many. In 2013

our magazine interviewed a resident of the city of Pushkin, Valery Mikhailovich Vakulenko, Ph.D. in Economics, head of the Ecoestate Innovation Center, creator of a number of structures and projects in the field of ecology, including the unique eco-hotel in Sochi "Bambukhutor".

We meet Valery Mikhailovich in the Separate Park, where he takes his dog Darcy out for an evening walk. I'm about to ask if the dog would mind if I extended my hand to his owner, but the question vanishes in the air above the dog's sad look.  

We walk through a snowless, dry and warm January park to talk about global warming, environmental initiatives in the Pushkin District, and the possibilities for each of us to make our environment cleaner and help ourselves and  others   survive on this planet. 

urban  kaleidoscope

release  from     03.02.2020 

article "Ecocity Pushkin"

      READ ARTICLE     

2019.04.ЮгТаймс_Оазис в каменных джунгля

How to save a corner of wildlife in a big city

President of ECOESTATE, creator of the guest eco-house "Bamboo Khutor", candidate of economic sciences, Valery Vakulenko  talks about environmental problems, barbaric buildings and the benefits of environmentally friendly building materials in the April issue of the YugTimes weekly of the Krasnodar Territory.

Ecoestate Philosophy

According to Wikipedia Ecology (Russian doref. oikology) (from other Greek οἶκος - dwelling, dwelling, house, property and λόγος - concept, doctrine, the science) - the science about the interactions of living organisms and their communities with each other and with the environment.

World environmental problems are largely related to the process of creating and operating real estate.

70% of the anthropogenic impact on global warming is determined by real estate, its energy efficiency, materials used in construction. 20% of the impact is exerted by vehicles and roads, which are also a consequence of urban development. With proper planning and development of cycling and walking, the need for the use of cars is reduced.

We understand that nature has a great capacity for self-regulation and self-healing.

If humanity is unable to coexist with nature, then the restoration of balance occurs by excluding it from the system.

Too much pressure on nature causes not only weather disasters. It affects global economic processes.  

Humanity, by its actions and inactions, thoughtlessly destroys its only home. For the survival of the human species on Earth, we need a paradigm shift, habitual views, success criteria, habits.

Ecoestateis the brand under which ROST, the oldest company in the real estate market of St. Petersburg and Russia, has been operating since 2008.  

Since our foundation, our business has had a social focus.  

Back in the 1990s, when publishing the first package of benefits for the transition to a new economy , Valery Vakulenko formulated as a principle "For oneself as for others, for others as for oneself" .

Due to the social orientation, we became the founders of the Real Estate for Health direction, and later completely moved into the field eco-real estate and eco-development .

Realizing the role of real estate in the global problems of our time, the issue of the survival of the human species on Earth, we direct our efforts and experience to solve them.


Our mission is to promote the development of the right real estate that will enable people to interact with the environment and each other in such a way that will ensure the survival of the human species on the planet in the long term.

In our projects, we teach how to combine environmental and economic efficiency, we act Ecologically.


In our competencies :

  • development of roadmap concepts, development programs and eco-tuning

  • creation of Internet tools and systems to promote the best ideas and practices of sustainable development

  • organization of international cooperation, cultural and professional events for sustainable development

What are we doing:

  • integrate world and Russian experience, knowledge, technology and approaches in the field of environmental development

  • develop and adapt eco concepts for local conditions

  • on the basis of concepts, we introduce green building technologies, contribute to the formation of the rules of the game in the market, train, create conditions for the exchange of experience

To achieve maximum environmental, health and social effects, the Ecoestate team considers it important to change people's bad habits and acquire useful skills.


Our role is to educate professional communities and the general public in the field of sustainable development, promote relevant ideas and practices of eco-development, and promote the formation of sustainable supply and demand.

Join the project  social development


Contact  with us

The best results in innovation are achieved through close cooperation.


We are confident in the paramount importance of cooperation and strive to play the role of an innovative system integrator, organizing contacts and cooperation of highly qualified specialists and eco-development enthusiasts on various important projects.


We call on like-minded people to cooperate for sustainable and prosperous development!


We are always open for dialogue and will be glad to welcome you in the ranks of our team or clients!

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