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Public  Advice  for Sustainable Prosperous Development of the Pushkinsky District

Public Council for Sustainable Prosperous Development of the Pushkinsky District  is an informal association of citizens of the Pushkinsky district who are not indifferent to its future fate.  

Purpose of the Council  -  promotion of sustainable, prosperous environmental, economic and socio-cultural development of the Pushkinsky district in the interests of both current and future generations of residents and guests of the area, St. Petersburg and Russia.  In other words, to contribute to the transformation of the city of Pushkin into a model Ecocity.


Chairman of the board  -  Vakulenko Valery Mikhailovich


President of EcoDevelopment Center "Ecoestate"  founder of the EcoDevelopment Committee of the Russian Guild of Managers and Developers, Ph.D.

The first members of the Council

Afanasenko  Viktor Ivanovich, Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pushkin and Pavlovsk, Ph.D.

Bogolyubova Tatiana  Vadimovna,  Deputy Head of Administration of the Pushkinsky District  

Nikiforov Yury Parfyonovich,  honorary resident of the city of Pushkin, who in the 90s held the post of mayor of Pushkin

Pavlov Dmitry  Gennadievich, President  GC "Kolvey" , developer

archpriest  Gennady Leonidovich Zverev , rector of St. Sophia Cathedral   in the city of Pushkin

The Council is a platform for dialogue and cooperation  various stakeholders and  influencing the development of the Pushkinsky district.  IN  first of all, these are government, business, public  organizations  and residents of the area .

advice helps  constructively  communicate , find optimal solutions and coordinate efforts for the sustainable development of the area.  

Pushkin Council for Sustainable Prosperous Development - a unique  for the city structure.

There are no associations of this nature in other districts except for Pushkin.


Priority tasks for sustainable development of the region:

Among the many sustainable development objectives, the Council primarily supports those that are most important and do not require too many resources to implement:

  1. Control over the design and development of new territories in order to prevent violations of the principles of eco-development and deterioration of the environment and the situation in the area. Example - consideration by the Council of the development project of the satellite city  Southern.

  2. Development of an environmentally friendly road and transport network , which provides for the rapid development of public transport, as well as bicycle and pedestrian paths, for which the Pushkinsky District has unique natural conditions.

  3. Development of separate waste collection with its further productive processing.

  4. Saving energy and other resources to save state and family budgets and improve health and the environment.

  5. Promotion of reasonable consumption .

Scientific and practical conferences on the sustainable development of the Pushkinsky district

Sustainable development concerns all aspects of life, therefore it is infinitely diverse.

It applies to the powerful agricultural sector of the Pushkin region, and to education, medicine,  culture, incl. museums and other cultural and historical sites, institutions of municipal self-government and other forms of social activity of citizens, and much, much more.

Conferences are held to identify and support  projects for the development of various areas of the region.

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