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Project concept     ECO SANA CLUB


The main task of any species on Earth, and the virus, which laid the foundation for all living things, and the Man (Homo Sapiens), considered the crown of the development of the fauna, is a WELL-BEING, HEALTHY AND LONG EXISTENCE. This is the fundamental law of living nature and common sense, understandable to any normal representative of our kind-tribe.

Indeed, what do we seriously wish for those whom we really love and value? Health, Longevity, Prosperity, Happiness! Is not it?

HS has successfully adapted for existence and development in a particular habitat that had developed at the time of its appearance. For the life of Homo Sapiens, air, water, products of flora and fauna, a certain climate and other natural resources available on Earth (and only on it!) Were given a certain quality. And it is in this habitat with these resources that Homo Sapiens exists.

But the amount of these resources is limited, and the number of people and the volume of their consumption of various "gifts of Nature" are steadily growing. From a skin, a club and a place in a cave, to hundreds and thousands (often of the nouveau riche) items of clothing and footwear, many cars, yachts, planes, huge villas, palaces and a lot of all kinds of utensils, equipment, weapons, and so on and so forth. (Quote from Steve Jobs)

Because vital, environmental problems have accumulated in abundance, it is no longer possible to postpone their solution and there is enough work for everyone and for everyone. In addition, if you approach the matter wisely, which we propose to do, then it will not only be vital in terms of the result, but also interesting and useful even in the process of implementation! You will be surprised how easily, quickly and very effectively many problems are solved using the "esc2life" technology - "come back to life"! We will show them in the first place in our future thematic issues.


Can "simple" Homo Sapiens solve global problems? Definitely YES! And maybe it should! First, there is no one else! And, secondly, it was people who gave rise to the Ecological and Climate Crises and the Sixth Extinction!

People not only can, but must also restore what they have destroyed. Not for some bosses, state or UN. For themselves and for their descendants, and not only future, but living children and grandchildren. And this is possible if each Homo Sapiens contributes to the restoration of Nature, on a scale no less than he causes damage using its resources.

People not only can, but must also restore what they have destroyed. Not for some bosses, state or UN. For themselves and for their descendants, and not only future, but living children and grandchildren. And this is possible if each Homo Sapiens contributes to the restoration of Nature, on a scale no less than he causes damage using its resources.

3. Six rules of life of Homo Sapiens,

during the ECO crisis and the Sixth Extinction.

Over the past centuries, Humanity has become accustomed to developing and solving emerging problems, mainly by technical-technological and industrial-trade methods, leaving their implementation in the hands of "energetic, creative, successful, willing to do anything for the sake of profit" businessmen and others like them. How they solve problems is not very important, the main thing is that they create jobs and share income. In Russia and not only, the memes “The forest is chopped - the chips are flying”, “Not caught - not a thief, but a successful businessman”, etc. have become entrenched. The focus is on comfort, ease of purchase and use for consumers, and profit for manufacturers and sellers. To spend time on a deep and comprehensive understanding of action plans / business plans has become somehow indecent, “not businesslike”. Few people think about the vital necessity of the manufactured products, about their usefulness for people and Nature, or at least about the life cycle of the products.

As a result, many problems only worsened and the situation came to a catastrophe, which no one wanted. Now, in order to save the situation, it is necessary to urgently change the very rules of life, proceeding from the understanding that: the main and indisputable goal and value of Mankind is the preservation and sustainable development of a healthy life, and not an endless acquisitiveness of money, luxury and power!

They are based on this .

4. Simple steps to implement the rules of eco-life.

To better stay in the vector of the Mission, we recommend using, when planning and implementing projects, and even in daily activities, four typical steps-stages. And strive for each of them to be filled with the meanings of ecology (sustainable development). In order not to frighten those who consider themselves far from these matters by the complexity of the task, let us explain that in essence everything is simple:

we must minimize the waste of all types of natural resources on ourselves, and leave them in their original form, both for our children, grandchildren and future generations, and for Nature itself with its countless inhabitants, and plan all your steps and projects keeping this in mind.

5. Examples of ongoing PROJECTS of various levels.

In the previous sections, we tried to understand:

1) what are the main - vital (vital) problems that lie in wait for us, 2) how much can we expect their solution without our participation,

3) what are the main ways to solve these problems,

4) what we, ordinary Homo Sapiens, can do to prevent disasters and to what extent we can do it,

5) what Six rules of sustainable living are becoming relevant,

6) what are the best four eco-efficient steps to follow the designated paths,

Now we can, in general terms, show some of our specific projects based on these understandings.


As we have already noted, most of the reasons for the impending catastrophe are caused by inadequate ideas and understanding among many people about how the world works, what happens to it, what and how to do it. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to bring these understandings in line with objective reality and form the correct habits-practices necessary for survival. The most effective for solving such problems in our time are various kinds of Internet tools and projects. Therefore, we will start with Internet media projects, which, however, are aimed at transforming the practice and way of life of people offline. And often they give practical material and considerable results rather quickly, efficiently and on a large scale.

We will soon give and discuss specific examples, and now, in general terms, we will announce the main media projects conceived and implemented for all 6 scales indicated in the second section. We will try to logically structure the sections for future filling with content, as well as formulate essential questions in them, to which in the future, together with interested participants, we will determine the answers (as you know, a good question is half the answer!). The projects will be listed in ascending order of level / scale: from minimal to global.

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