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 Most of the anthropogenic transformations on Earth, which have brought humanity to a fatal point, are carried out by business and government, acting according to the rules of the capitalist economy (“money-commodity-money plus”).
Today, in the charters of firms, the main goal, according to the law, is "PROFIT DERIVATION". And there is no need to take on obligations “not to harm people's health”, “not to harm nature”, to take care of future generations, etc. A similar approach is taken by the authorities of different levels, who care most about filling the budget, investments and new jobs.
At the same time, very often, the goals are achieved due to the deterioration of the ecology of the environment and the health of the population.
We need to change this state of affairs before it is too late.
If we want to survive, the Economy must be Ecological and no other!
EcoEco! Ecopower!


The soil consists of a rocky base on which different soil layers have accumulated over time. The structure of the soil was obviously formed during the last Ice Age, when the glaciers retreated to the northwest. The structure of the soil formed by glaciers is clearly visible in the nature and landscape of South Karelia.

Parallel moraine ridges that cut through the province are rightfully considered the greatest natural wonder of South Karelia Salpausselka, and their large lateral moraines. Ridge Edge Salpausselka cuts picturesquely into Syme in the town of Küläniemi municipality Taipalsaari[7].

Local landscape diversity and elevation differences are for the south Finland  extremely significant.

With rocky islands Symes and flat areas of pine forests contrast deciduous forest zones Ladoga Karelia c781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ParikkalaImatra and Lappeenranta.

Territories Parikkala and Rautjärvi are noticeably different from other regions of the province. Ladoga Karelia even affects the climate. In areas of dense deciduous forests with a huge variety of flora and fauna are the most valuable near-waterbiotopes.

Nationally valuable biotopes and waterfowl habitats are located in Siikalahti and Terassinlahti of the municipality Parikkalaand also in Kuokkalampi municipality Ruokolahti. Entire natural biosystems that are under the threat of extinction are found here: these are individual species of birds, dragonflies, butterflies and bats.[eight].

Na Saime and Vuokse a project is underway to connect unique geological objects to the international system Geopark. This contributes to the development of the region as a significant object of natural tourism.

Regional Union of South Karelia

The Regional Union of South Karelia is an association that includes 9 municipal authorities, municipalities. The regional union is responsible in particular for regional development and land use planning. It also contributes to the development of the economy and cultural activities in the region. Regional target programs European Union  for South Karelia were prepared with the participation of the Regional Union.

The Union participates in the preparation and implementation of a number of projects within the programs. The regional union is a member of a number of international organizations such as AEBR (Association of European Border Regions)[2].

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