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How to develop cities, improving people's health and the quality of the environment ?

Eco Sana Club

In practice, we strive to make the city of Pushkin and the Pushkinsky district of St. Petersburg:


- Environmentally and economically sound ( Eco )

- Contributing  health promotion  residents ( Sana )

- FROM  favorable  social situation, social  tension  and conflicts ( Club )

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Eco Sana Club

Formula Development  EcoSanaClub (ESC) provides favorable  Existence  human beings and the quality of their environment.

Eco Sana Club is a collection of three  fundamental factors  human environment, affecting the quality of his life:

Eco - ECOlogy and Economics of the environment

Sana  - health characteristics, impact on health

Club  - positive communication between people

The EcoSanaClub formula is based on life and professional experience in the field of eco-development.

The ideologist of the concept, Valery Vakulenko, implements projects according to the ESC formula on a scale from an individual house to the development of a city, one of the districts  St. Petersburg.

Learn about successful  EcoSanaClub projects .

We review the EcoSanaClub formula  as an interpretation  17 goals  sustainable development (SDG) of the UN from 2015, accessible to the understanding of every person, regardless of the field of activity.

More about the UN SDGs


In the Ecograd-Pushkin project  for the development of the urban environment and communities  EcoSanaClub builds on the successful experience of the international ICLEI community  "Local Governments for Sustainable Development" .  

Areas of work on sustainable urban development are selected according to the Agenda of the Basque  declarations  from 2016.

Декларция Басков и 17 ЦУР ООН

Eco Sana Club project  seeks to explain global  Goals  plain language  and learn how to act in local  communities. #Act4SDGs

Global tasks are solved by local actions!


Why the EcoSanaClub project?

The quality of the human environment, nature, is declining at an increasing pace. This is one of the global problems of our time. The degrading environment adversely affects human health.


In the modern economy, the system of relations, the deterioration of people's health serves as an impetus for the development of the medical industry: the production of medicines, equipment, medical institutions and infrastructure. Such use of natural resources is fundamentally irrational. Resources are depleted, and the quality of people's lives is not improving.

Keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy is in the interests of everyone. In the coming century, the main task of mankind is self-preservation, the survival of man as a biological species. Its solution requires a change in the paradigm of development at every level: family life, urban development, intercontinental relations and the planetary level as a whole.

One of the conditions for survival is the possession of good health (Sana), the quality of the human environment. A favorable natural environment and a well-built economy (Eco), harmonious relationships between people, that is, the absence of social tension and threats of conflicts (Club), prevent many diseases and preserve longevity.

Recently, Valery Vakulenko was awarded a diploma for participation as a speaker in the program of the VIII All-Russian meeting of workers in the field of additional education for children (with international participation). 


Environmental problems are obvious and increasingly affect many. In 2013, our magazine interviewed Valery Mikhailovich Vakulenko, a resident of the city of Pushkin, PhD in Economics, head of the Ecoestate Innovation Center, the creator of a number of structures and projects in the field of ecology, including the unique eco-hotel in Sochi "Bambukhutor".

We meet Valery Mikhailovich in the Separate Park, where he takes his dog Darcy out for an evening walk. I'm about to ask if the dog would mind if I extended my hand to his owner, but the question vanishes in the air above the dog's sad look.  

We walk through a snowless, dry and warm January park to talk about global warming, environmental initiatives in the Pushkin District, and the possibilities for each of us to make our environment cleaner and help ourselves and  others   survive on this planet. 

urban   kaleidoscope

release  from     03.02.2020 
article "Ecocity Pushkin"
      READ ARTICLE     

        The first 1 km swim in the history of mankind  in a glacial lake in Antarctica scheduled for January 23, 2020*. He was made in the same swimming trunks, and a hat by a unique swimmer-ecologist, professor, Patron of the oceans from the UN - Lewis Pugh .  

    With this swim, he wants to draw the attention of the whole world to the disastrous state of the oceans associated with vital climate and environmental problems.  Lewis is pushing for the creation of ocean reserves ( MARINE PROTECTED AREAS (MPAS) and has proven that this task can be solved. But broad and powerful support is needed so that the greed and pride of the powerful of this world do not interfere with the solution of a vital task for mankind.   

    Lewis is supported by many world figures and organizations, such as Ted Turner , Bill Clinton , UNEP , Financial Times , Discovery and others.  Together with him in Antarctica  were former President of Costa Rica  Jose Maria Figueres (Jose Maria Figueres) and the most titled hockey player in the world, UN Ambassador for the Arctic and Antarctic - Slava Fetisov , whom Lewis respects very much and personally asked for support.

    It was Slava Fetisov who invited Anton Vakulenko, the youngest member of our family, to support the Antarctic mission   and introduced me to Lewis.


  We were pleasantly surprised when we soon received a detailed invitation from Lewis himself. This truly great man, whose speeches, in particular, were listened to with reverence by the royal family and the elite of Great Britain in Westminster, turned out to be very easy to communicate with.  So our 12-year-old Anton and the whole family communicated with him for a long time via video communication and corresponded.


     In general, Lewis won the hearts of Anton and all of us, and we are eager to do everything possible to support his environmental and climate mission, especially since this fully coincides with our own mission to support UN SDGs, Green Deal, etc.  


     We have already prepared and executed several  performances with vocals (Anton laureate   many vocal competitions,  and talk shows with his participation were watched by about 20 million people), dedicating them to Lewis .  


In January, at a meeting with Greta Thunberg in Stockholm, we asked her to support this mission of Lewis, and she did not refuse. We write and talk about mission everywhere.

     But now, when this incredible, unprecedented swim, associated with a risk to the health and even the life of Lewis, is one or two days away (much depends on the weather and technology), we are making every effort to support the mission and ask you to also contribute to this is indeed a vital and noble cause.

   We are ready to provide videos and other materials, including exclusive ones, to take part in the show, including songs of the following genres: 1) anthems of different countries in the language of these countries (Anton has unique linguistic abilities, excellent ear for music and ), 2) world hits in different languages, 3) children's songs on environmental themes, which Anton was "given" by Grammy winner Indian composer Ricky Kesh (BONN).  It could be an interview or participation in a round table.

    During the swim, a direct teleconference via satellite is expected, in which Lewis offered us to participate. And we will of course try our best to spread this video as widely as possible.

     After the swim, Lewis plans to fly to Moscow and meet with the political leadership of Russia to convince them to support the ecological status of Antarctica and the development of MARINE PROTECTED AREAS (MPAS) .  We are also invited to Moscow, and what's more, Lewis said that he might visit us in St. Petersburg.

Anton Vakulenko, 12 years old, St. Petersburger, young polyglot, environmentalist, singer. Child Ambassador of the United Nations in Russia for the Sustainable Development Goals, the first to tell the general public of compatriots about the sustainable development goals in 10 foreign languages in the program "Best of all" on the first channel.


“Our answer to Greta Thunberg”, as the legendary hockey player, UN Goodwill Ambassador for the Arctic and Antarctic Vyacheslav Fetisov called him, who invited Anton to cover the environmental action of the famous English scientist, UN Ambassador for the Oceans, professor and outstanding swimmer, holder of several world records Lewis Gordon Pugh .

This week in January 2020, the Lewis Swim will take place in a subglacial lake in Antarctica.  This swim is timed to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Russian sailors and pursues the main goal of drawing the attention of the world community to the problem of climate change and global warming (more than 60  000 glacial  lakes).

Since it was from St. Petersburg that the discoverers of Antarctica set sail, it would be right for the cultural capital to remind the country of its heroes, talk about the global problem of climate change faced by mankind, and think together how and what each of us can do to solve it.

Anton will be happy to talk about it in any format with any timing, as he already has a rich experience of performing (he took part in the opening of large forums, festivals, including international ones, OPEN AIR, conferences, where he called for respect for the environment, cooperation, friendship between peoples). 

Anton Vakulenko, sustainable development goals on Channel One.

Anton Vakulenko Speech at MGIMO

and his other performances can be viewed on YOUTUBE: "ECOSANACLUB"


                                                                                                                      cape town

                                                                                                                      December 2nd 2019

Dear Anthony,


I hope you are very well.


I have 2 missions in life. One is to swim, and the other is to tell as many people as possible about the importance of protecting our oceans.


Next month, I am looking to do both of these things in Antarctica, and will be joined by Slava Fetisov.


I am going to try to swim 1km in a supra-glacial lake on top of the Antarctic Ice Sheet. It will be near freezing water and it should take me about 20 minutes. I am currently training every day to get my mind and body ready.


There are very few true wilderness areas left in the world. In terms of our ocean, only about 13% is largely untouched by humans, and this becomes less and less each year.


So the goal of my swim will be to reach out to people around the world to show them how special Antarctica is, and how the Southern Ocean needs to be protected as soon as possible.


We will have very good satellite connectivity so we will be able to connect globally on social media and TV, live from Antarctica.


As 2020 is such a special year, being the 200 year anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Admiral Bellingshausen, we think this is a really good opportunity to reach out to the whole of Russia with this message. To every household, to every school and to every leader.


Anton, I know that you care deeply about the state of our planet so I would like to please ask for your help.


Our plan is to go to Antarctica by plane, via Cape Town, arriving on January 21st and leaving on January 25th. Aside from my swim, there will be a chance to visit an Emperor Penguin colony as well as nearby science stations, including Novolazarevskaya. We would get back to Moscow in time for the bicentennial celebrations on the 27th /  28th January.


We would love you to be a part of our expedition. Ideally we would like you to come with us.


Sadly this will probably not be possible. We have very limited space for our crucial safety and camera crew.

But we would honored if you would be our Youth Ambassador and connect with Slava and myself regularly by satellite while we are in Antarctica. And of course we would love to meet you in Russia.


Thank you so much for giving this your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


best wishes



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