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Homo Sapiens (HS) was formed from Nature like a twig from a tree and therefore is itself a part of it at the same time. By the time of its appearance on Earth, various forms of life had already existed for millions and even billions of years.

For example, viruses, one of the descendants of which, COVID-19, caused such a stir for people, appeared on Earth about 4 billion years ago. And, according to the latest scientific research, viruses were that form of life, thus LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor), from which all life on Earth evolved, including Homo Sapiens (HS).

HS successfully adapted for existence and development in a specific habitat that had developed at the time of its appearance. For the life of Homo Sapiens, a certain quality of air, water, flora and fauna products, a certain climate and other natural resources available on Earth (and only on it!) Were given. And it is in this habitat with these resources that Homo Sapiens exists.

But the amount of these resources is limited, and the number of people and the volume of their consumption of various "gifts of Nature" are steadily growing. From a skin, a club and a place in a cave, to hundreds and thousands (often of the nouveau riche) items of clothing and shoes, many cars, yachts, airplanes, huge villas, palaces and a lot of all kinds of utensils, equipment, weapons, etc. and so on. (Quote from Steve Jobs)

In addition, a person, over the past century, has begun to consume a thousand times more energy, for the production of which he spends wood, coal, oil, gas and other carbons. Nature has accumulated them for hundreds of millions and even billions of years, constantly maintaining the balance in development necessary for the existence of all living organisms, and people have come close to their exhaustion in a couple of hundred years.

How could the stakeholders of Nature - all forms of life that ultimately gave birth to humans - have come to terms with this ?! The eldest of the ancestors, the virus, had to intervene. At a considerable cost, he made people who behaved like alien barbarians think about their place and significance on the Planet. Although, this price is negligible compared to what kind of punishment people can send, for example, "His Majesty Climate"! Or the primary life resource - the Atmosphere, or others, more powerful and ruthless than the coronavirus, members of a large family of viruses and bacteria.

At the same time, having calmed people down a bit with the pandemic, the coronavirus gave them the opportunity to remember what a clear sky, water, flora and fauna look like! How beautiful they are when a person does not spoil and stain all this! How important is a good ecology (by which we here mean the natural and climatic environment surrounding a person, constituting the conditions for the existence of animals and plants in any area and on the planet as a whole).

Those who have reason, let them realize that it is not the King and not God, Man on Earth. That you have to respect the house in which you were born and its inhabitants. That there is no need to spoil anything in the house that others have created before you. On the contrary, it is necessary to study the "User's manual" already created and only after thoroughly studying them, introduce your own ideas and innovations. But first, be sure to make sure seven times that you do not harm others and yourself!

In theory, people, with all their scientific and technical might, are able to preserve and even improve their living environment and themselves! But this cannot be done only through the invention and production of some technical devices that will “solve” the accumulated environmental and climatic problems and “make” people happy. This is promised by almost all advertisements for all new products, which then in fact ruin Nature and us together with it!

The most effective and reliable way is to identify, realize and form the correct behavioral / life habits that will give Homo Sapiens and their descendants the opportunity to survive WITHOUT these endless new, most often unnecessary, things and, especially, technical devices (like a snowball machine that was presented to my youngest son)! Indeed, on average, about one hundred kilograms of Nature's resources (minerals, trees, plants, animals, water, air, etc.) are spent on the manufacture of a kilogram of a thing, and then the use and disposal of these things additionally kill Nature with landfills, toxins, smoke, etc. !

How to convey this truth to the billions of consumer society activists who have been raised by modern civilization? Trust in those who now rule the world? But the increasing speed of the slide of humanity and Nature towards disaster proves that world leaders, for the most part, do not cope with solving this vital problem! Moreover, many of them do not even understand what is happening, while others understand, but shy away from action!

Why? There are many reasons here, and we will talk about them later. But the fact remains: the speed of humanity's movement towards the abyss is growing, and world leaders fail to slow down this process, and even more so, to turn it in the direction of saving life! Yes, most of them do not really try, reasoning something like this: "We are doing well, so let those who are doing worse do their best." It is cynical, of course, but the homespun truth can be found here: “if people do not understand the problem, do nothing to solve it themselves and do not demand action from others, primarily from those in power, then what can they expect?

The problem of survival should be solved by all Homo Sapiens, since they all have one House, one habitat! How can you provide yourself with clean air in the atmosphere if others will spoil it nearby? How to live without clean air?

It is necessary to form a new paradigm, a new understanding of the useful and the harmful, based on the main course for the survival of Homo Sapiens and the more detailed UN Sustainable Development Goals adopted by two hundred countries, including Russia, and not from the usual, such “understandable and simple” indicator as GDP ...

According to advanced science, even economics, for which he is the main idol, GDP does not make sense and even harmful, and therefore doomed. From the standpoint of GDP, the most useful member of society is one who produces and sells a lot to others (no matter to whom, how and why), earns a lot (no matter how and with what costs) and spends a lot (no matter why and for what).

Most effectively, the task of changing understandings can be solved by joint movement towards truths, exchange of high-quality, verified knowledge, experience, tools, that is, mutual education, mutual training and cooperation in the implementation of relevant projects.

For example, we (our family and associates) have been making our contribution for a long time and plan to intensify the solution of these problems, with the help of the educational, training and integrating Internet project “EcoSanaClub”.

We believe that the more in different cities and countries there are similar and other projects aimed at sustainable development, and the more hundreds, thousands and millions of people somehow connected and trusting each other will be involved in them, the faster critical a mass of Homo Sapiens who will be able to understand what is happening and bring themselves and their fellow-creatures out of the dead end.

This topic concerns absolutely all reasonable people, regardless of social status, age, nationality, religious beliefs, party affiliation, material well-being, etc., etc. Workers and peasants, teachers and doctors, engineers and businessmen, artists and politicians, drivers and freelancers, billionaires and beggars, clergymen and scientists, students and pensioners, waiters, military men, astronomers, judges, and all other living Homo Sapiens! Everyone who wants health, longevity, happiness and well-being for themselves, their loved ones, friends and descendants should join this movement.


Because vital, environmental problems have accumulated in abundance, it is no longer possible to postpone their solution and there is enough work for everyone and for everyone. In addition, if you approach the matter wisely, which we propose to do, then it will not only be vital in terms of the result, but also interesting and useful even in the process of implementation! You will be surprised how easily, quickly and very effectively many problems are solved using the "esc2life" technology - "come back to life"! We will show them in the first place in our future thematic issues.



For this, a significant part of Homo Sapiens, the most responsible, culturally and intellectually (more precisely, cognitively) advanced, must begin to do this simply based on the awareness of the reality of the threat of existence and the absence of an alternative. And the rest should be actively involved with education, propaganda (this is perhaps the only area where it is acceptable), carrots and sticks, if necessary.

Moreover, with the right approaches, with the use of effective progressive tools and creative solutions, which we will describe and show further in this Interbook-Project, this is not at all so difficult and even entertaining! And the benefits for oneself, and for loved ones, and for Nature will begin to manifest itself not only as a result, but also in the process of moving along the corrected correct path. At the same time, a whole new spectrum of pleasures appears (and even, for amateurs, drive and buzz), and not harmful to health and Nature, but vice versa.

Everyone can choose the scale of actions for themselves / family / team according to their strengths, ambitions and mood. We single out SIX SCALE, considering this to be the optimal division (although not the only one possible) and we will propose and discuss various interesting projects, promotions, performances, and so on for all these scales. / home (family / home);

2.neighbors / village (neighborhood / estate);

3.Lands / town (townsfolk / town);

4.citizens / country;

5.civilization / region (civilization / region);

6.humanity / world.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

It is important to note that for those who would like to do something useful on a global scale, but have material resources only for the scale of a family or village, there is a magical tool known as scaling (replication), which can often be done very inexpensively or even free, via the Internet. How to do this and how you can increase well-being along this path, we will consider together with experts and practitioners who have already come up with and implementing different, seemingly incredible, solutions.

We are quite deliberately not talking about making a profit, payback periods, IRR, NPV and other business indicators that aim, roughly speaking, to make money faster and easier, since these concepts are from the previous, but still dominant economic paradigm (belief system and understandings), and led people and Nature to this catastrophic dead end.

(Note: The author has a degree in economics, obtained for an unbought, but personally written dissertation back in 1988. Moreover, in 1990, on the initiative and under the editorship of the author, with his participation in the most important parts, it was written, published and the first practical manual of nine books “How to create a new type of company and organize its effective work” was successfully implemented. So the negative attitude of the author to the current economic theory is due not to the fact that he does not know and does not understand it, but the realization that this theory and practice has become destructive for Nature and people.)


3. Six Eco-rules of life of Homo Sapiens, during the period of the ECO crisis and the Sixth extinction


PS. The meaning of these rules is that whoever a person is, whatever he does, everywhere he is obliged to fill his life activity with ecological content and maximally contribute to the prevention of an eco-catastrophe and the Sixth extinction of species on Earth. This should be formulated taking into account all private circumstances and personal characteristics in the Mission of each Homo Sapiens, respecting himself and others. And the Mission, it is like a compass, should guide a person to the main goals, even if in real life, every now and then, he has to make turns, zigzags and other local maneuvers.

4. Eco-efficient steps to implement projects and master eco-practices.



5. Examples of ongoing PROJECTS of various levels.


Level 1 - family / home (family / home),

project / website:

As many social sciences say, the primary unit of society is the family, which lives in some kind of housing: mainly a house, apartment, room, but there are also huge mansions-palaces and huts-shacks. At this level, the vital activity of almost all people on Earth takes place. Here, most of the consumption of natural resources and products occurs, ranging from elementary trifles and everyday foodstuffs to housing itself, various equipment, vehicles and land. Therefore, it is very important to look for ways of sustainable household management. But families and individuals live not only with material goods and resources: there is also social life, which involves communication with other members of society, spiritual life, raising children, developing talents, culture, interesting and useful leisure, travel, maintaining and strengthening health and much more.

There are a great many amazing stories, examples and solutions. Our family, which the magazine called "Ecologically clean family from Tsarskoe Selo", will gladly share some of the findings and achievements. We are no less eager to tell you about the interesting experience of other families or individuals who want to tell about it.

At the same time, we will adhere to our "Six Eco-rules" for thematic systematization of the presentation of the material. That is, we will consider what is most important and possible at the level of the home / family in the field of: 1) Ecology, 2) Health, 3) Culture, 4) Social interaction, 5) Development of well-being, 6) Participation in the formation of the Noosphere.

So, for example, on the topic "Health" we will consider the most important, but not well understood and solved in practice, the problem of supplying housing of adequate quality with air with proper technical means. But this greatly affects both health and the environment and well-being.

Level 2. Neighborhood / estate;

PROJECT , Construction, operation and eco-tuning of houses and settlements.

In this area, the author has the greatest professional experience and practice. Development back in 1990-91, the country's first practical manuals on housing and commercial real estate; creation of one of the first in St. Petersburg and Russia, the oldest at the moment, real estate company; creation of the first structures for the study of world experience and international cooperation in the field of real estate and urban planning; obtaining specialized international education; creation of the first Eco-Development Committee in the Russian Guild of Managers and Developers; work in the largest European structure for real estate; the practical implementation of advanced development projects in Russia and other countries, and much more, has provided a wealth of experience, connections and understanding that we are ready to share.

Within the framework of the same project, specific cases will be considered:

-Eco-tuning of real estate objects, including your own;

-experience in building a stunningly thought-out and environmentally friendly, but at the same time, a typical house in Finland, perhaps the most advanced in ecology and in many other countries;

-experience in the development of the concept, design and construction of the "First Unique Eco-Hotel in Sochi" (according to the leading Council for Green Building in the Russian Federation) - "Bamboo Khutor", which is located and successfully operates (Booking rating - 9.4; www.bambookhutor .ru ) in the city of Sirius (Imeretinskaya Valley, Sochi, Krasnodar Territory, next to the Olympic Park);

We also plan to consider and discuss:

- more and more popular in recent years, the topic of eco-settlements (insanely interesting and very versatile) with many of whose projects in our country and abroad we are practically familiar;

- the use of Permaculture technologies directly from the guru of this direction, the world famous Zep Holtzer, whom we met both with him in Austria and with us in Tsarskoe Selo;

- the creation of shelters in case of extreme situations and at the same time, for effective use for current economic needs.

And much more.

Level 3. Compatriots / town (townsfolk / town);

Eco-City project (EcoTown) - Sustainable, prosperous development of districts and cities

It is based on ten years of experience and experience in the implementation of the project "Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkinsky District of St. Petersburg) - a model eco-city of Russia". About 10 years ago, the author acted as an organizer and headed the Public Council for Sustainable and Safe Development of the Pushkin District. The Council's track record includes annual Sustainable Development Conferences, festivals, various actions and discussions. Tsarskoe Selo is a uniquely beautiful, green and well-maintained suburb of St. Petersburg. On its territory there are 3 royal palaces, seven parks, many squares, temples, museums. Many wide boulevards and alleys create the preconditions for the development of the eco-mobility infrastructure of the area (“cycling, self-driving, pedestrianization, etc.), which is an important complex factor in creating an environmentally friendly city as such. Since it simultaneously has a beneficial effect on the ecology of the city and on the health of the townspeople and on social relations, people on bicycles are much less inclined to show off, friendlier and more sociable than their brothers or even themselves, being behind the wheel of “cool cars”.

In addition, the city of Pushkin was the first Russian city to sign the European Aalborg Charter of Green Cities back in the 90s and received some assistance from the most advanced international experts in eco-development strategy. But even in such a place, many tasks for its sustainable development are solved with great difficulties, and many are not solved at all. Therefore, considerable experience has been accumulated as a "son of difficult mistakes" and there is a willingness to share it, find associates and work together on the existing tasks.

This project includes two more very interesting places - Finnish South Karelia, where the author had and still has the opportunity to get acquainted and show, together with the creators, unique interesting development and urban eco-projects of the highest world level. And also the city of Sirius (a new municipality in Sochi, in the Imereti Valley - the location of the Olympic facilities and the "First unique eco-hotel" Bamboo Khutor ", built by the author in his small homeland).

Urban scale / level is of global importance, at least for the following reasons: 1) approximately two-thirds of environmental problems on Earth are caused by urbanization, that is, the creation and development of cities that take land from Nature and grind its resources for their needs; 2) at the same time, the greatest forces are concentrated in the cities to find solutions and reduce harm to Nature; 3) cities around the world are becoming direct centers of decision-making, resource investment and actions aimed at sustainable development. Their motto is “Act locally, think globally”. But, of course, for this, cities must have eco-literate citizens, whose importance will grow rapidly, due to the growth of eco-problems and the catastrophic shortage of knowledgeable specialists.

And it is very advisable to effectively interact with the relevant structures of the state, whose duty in every possible way to support the cities and their inhabitants in such important aspirations for all, as well as business.

Level 4. Citizens / country;

Russia-Eco Power project

Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of territory and the richest in the number and variety of natural resources. She has all the prerequisites to become not just one of the most important states for the state of the Earth's ecology, but also to head the Eco-Powers club, which will be discussed in more detail in the sixth section. Moreover, all countries and peoples of the world will benefit from such leadership, therefore no one in their right mind should be jealous of such leadership and oppose it. But in order to acquire this kind of status, Russia, its citizens, businesses and authorities must solve a number of difficult tasks.

In particular:


This means that forests, fields, mountains, rivers, seas, oceans, etc., that is, ecosystems of land and aquatic ecosystems, together with their natural inhabitants, as well as the atmosphere associated with them, is objectively much more important. , (vitally important!) for the world's population! This means that all of this costs significantly more and in material and financial terms can bring Russia much more than the sale of minerals, timber and other "gifts of nature", in fact, destroyed for the production of products, which then fill landfills and finish off Nature ...

  1. Having understood this, it is necessary to change the strategy of national economic development, in terms of the economy, aiming at the sale of eco-systemic services of living and healthy nature. That is, the sale (probably some new forms of implementation) of the "items" of the very first (vital!) Necessity - clean air, water, food, climate, and not the sale of amputated parts of Nature or the plundering of its subsoil reserves, which Nature has accumulated for millions and even billions of years.

  2. It is necessary to promote a corresponding change in understanding and order throughout the world, to form a willingness to pay in one way or another for eco-system services. There is no alternative to this state of affairs (if humanity wants to survive!), And there cannot be, but it will take a lot of time to realize this and move from understanding to action. And if you delay in solving these problems, then you can reach the point of no return with all the catastrophic consequences.

To implement the above, a huge amount of educational work, lawmaking, training for everyone, young and old, is required. We need business restructuring, updating international relations and much more. But, firstly, the road will be mastered by the walking, and secondly, there is still no alternative. In addition, we note that this is indeed a gigantic task, just in line with the scale and power of Russia. And this task is also very multifaceted, interesting, and there will be a place in it for anyone who wants to do something useful in life for himself and for others.

Such a thematic spectrum is assumed in this section. Moreover, in addition to the country as a whole, we will consider issues of the scale of our native St. Petersburg, many of which may be interesting and relevant for other large cities.


Level 5. Civilization / region (civilization / region); project - the European Union is a consistent initiator and one of the locomotives of global eco-development, but not without sins

The European Union (EU) with its Green Deal is undoubtedly a global initiator and locomotive of eco-development. For this strategic program, they not only made a roadmap (many countries have enough of this kind), but also allocate more than a trillion euros. But there are some concerns that need to be understood and monitored and then harmful side effects can be avoided. The fact is that Europeans are too accustomed to comfort and are used to solving all problems through scientific and technical developments, creation of production facilities and the sale / use of some technical devices ... and this is harm to Nature in itself. As a result, they will undoubtedly achieve both carbon neutrality and environmental improvement and improving the quality of life of people, but ..., quite possibly, due to the deterioration of these parameters in other countries and continents.

We can recall a large-scale and vivid example of such a course of affairs in the interaction of Europe with China. About thirty years ago in the Celestial Empire, everyone rode bicycles and one could see ten to twenty rows of cyclists in many cities. At this time, European countries were just starting their cycling and, for the most part, languished and choked in traffic jams from car exhaust gases, as well as from other industrial emissions. Realizing that all this is harmful, and also flattered by cheap labor, Europe (as well as America and other developed countries) began to transfer production facilities to China, including the production of cars. We also shared our experience of creating auto highways with their enormous nature-destructive power.

Now Europe is almost completely permeated with bike paths, children and adults ride bikes and scooters with pleasure and health benefits, the air has cleared even in big cities. And hundreds of millions of Chinese have switched to cars and languish in traffic jams that sometimes reach hundreds of kilometers, while the number of lanes on Chinese highways reaches several dozen!

Who benefited from this? Globally, everyone lost: and China sank into smog (the Chinese were all wearing masks before the pandemic), and the air worsened throughout the world, including in Europe. The atmosphere is one for everyone and what the Chinese or residents of other distant countries throw into it scatters all over the world. Here is a fresh example of the California forest fires - the smoke from them crossed half of the Earth and reached Europe!

So Green Deal is definitely a useful and progressive project. But in realizing it, the Europeans themselves need to think systematically and globally (by the way, this is their wonderful slogan from among the postulates of sustainable development - “Act locally, think globally!”). And other countries, taking something from Europe and not only, need to look whether it is outdated, whether it corresponds to the most advanced understandings and know-how.

Now one of the most important such issues for Russia and not only is waste incineration plants (WIW). Europe, at one time, followed this path, became convinced how harmful, inexpedient it was and abandoned the ICW. And some interested business structures of European countries and their partners, together with the authorities in Russia and other developing countries, are pushing their construction in many places. This can cause irreparable damage to the nature and health of people, and not only in these countries, but throughout the world, including Europe, as happened with motorization and industrialization. And there are a lot of such technologies and approaches.

6. Humanity / world (humanity / world).

Consideration of the projects of the previous five levels convincingly shows the importance of the sixth - global level of solving environmental problems. And this is quite logical, since Nature itself, which in this case is identical to Ecology, is global and everything in it is interconnected. In this regard, all Homo Sapiens on Earth, and especially those in power, need to change the paradigm (view of the world) and, in particular, to realize that no private interests, no corporate and state interests can be adequately ensured if they do not take into account the relevant global circumstances and vital, vital interests of humanity.

In this regard, the role of various international organizations and, first of all, the UN and its structures is sharply increasing. But the real possibilities of the UN at the present time are extremely insignificant, as evidenced, in particular, by the latest (July 2020) report on the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which since 2015 has been the main task of the UN entrusted to it by all two hundred participating countries. The picture in this report is very sad. In almost all areas, the goals have not been achieved. Of course, in many ways, from the point of view of the UN, the Corona-pandemic is to blame. But it also helps in many ways, reducing the burden on the environment, and you can bet on this.

We have had occasion to interact in the UN and its structures, as well as with officials at very high levels. There was no great enthusiasm and desire to solve the global problems of mankind. More often it was bureaucratic formal "doing for show", some protocol rituals. And the speeches of the UN representatives themselves and the guests of the events are more like complacent toasts "to all good against all bad", rather than a critical analysis of shortcomings, and logical recommendations and even demands for overcoming them.

Yes, the citizens of the Earth have the right to demand greater efficiency from the UN, since it has been delegated the right to solve global vital issues and the financing of activities comes from citizens' taxes.

I am sure that it is high time to expand direct interaction of the UN with citizens of all countries and, in particular, to critically analyze the activity and together find ways to increase its effectiveness. What we did not observe among UN professionals is snobbery and lack of tolerance. So, they themselves, I believe, will be glad to increase attention to their activities and intensify interaction.

In general, we have a lot of questions and suggestions regarding the UN SDGs. It is very difficult to understand the 17 goals and 168 objectives for these goals. Moreover, many of them contradict each other. Therefore, on our part, we apply such a word-formula - EcoSanaClub b offer to any solution, at any level and on any scale from the standpoint of this simple triune touchstone. What any of us does should be beneficial to Nature (that is, Eco - Environmentally friendly); it must be good for the health of the people (Sana); and positively for relations between people (Club), making a positive contribution to the Noosphere - the sphere of reason.

If we talk about more specific sections (and tools) of this project, then we consider the following three to be the most effective and interesting for us:

a) - education through culture, through performances in different genres, using (and developing) the available talents and best practices;

b) - involvement of well-known and potentially influential people in supporting the Environment and Sustainable Development;

c) - assistance in the creation of a global Club of Eco-Powers, similar to the existing G7 and / or G20, only based not on economic, but on the Environmental potential and significance for the world.

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