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realization steps (rs)  


Main direction (md)         rs1-data            rs2-strat          rs3 real            rs4-fina











rs1-data Database/knowledge of Projects. Database/Knowledge Projects

Data collection, selection of important, systematization, tagging. Data collection, important selection, systematization, tagging.

rs2-strat Strategies and Concepts of Projects,  Strategies and concepts of Projects.

Cognition and determination of goals, strategies, preparation of BP, concepts, synopsises, petition, etc. Implementing PSARI and receiving feedback on desired Resources and Tools BP Business Proposals PSARI Plan for Searching and Attracting Resources and tools

rs3 real. Projects realization  Project Implementation 

preparation  Contracts, Acceptance, etc., execution control and acceptance of work, supplies, etc. Preparation of Contracts, Acts, etc., control over the execution and acceptance of work, deliveries, etc.


Summing up, analysis, conclusions, good practices / habits. Summing up, analysis, conclusions, good practices/habits Payments; feedback; rating reviews awards; upgrade of strategies, resources, tools, etc. for projects; forming the best practices Settlements-payments; reviews-ratings-awards; upgrade strategies, resources, tools, etc. for projects, the formation of good practices

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