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The main slogan of our site is "a way out of disaster".

We believe that production and consumption should be minimized with the maximum benefit for the environment, health, and social well-being.

We believe that not enough is being done by everyone (authorities, businesses, various institutions, including international ones) to prevent the threat to the existence of HOMO SAPIENS on Earth.

We are convinced that both the problem and its solution lies in the formation of correct practices and habits. And we are going to give priority attention to this issue. We will try to do this together with all interested parties so that it is useful and not boring not only in terms of the result, but also in the process.

On all our resources (websites, social networks, etc.) we will understand what the state of the environment is on the scale of an apartment, house, community, country, region and the world as a whole. What does it mean for people and how it can be improved.

We will also consider the main indicators of health and longevity, what opportunities civilization and modern medicine provide, and what a healthy lifestyle looks like in modern conditions.

You can find out more about our team here.

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