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       The main task of any species on Earth, and the virus,  who laid the foundation for all living things, and Man (Homo Sapiens), who is considered the crown of the development of the fauna, is a PROFITABLE, HEALTHY AND  LONG   EXISTENCE. This is both fundamental science and common sense, understandable to any normal representative of our kind-tribe.

     Indeed, what do we seriously wish for those whom we really love and appreciate?

Health, Longevity, Prosperity, Happiness!  Is not it?

      Homo Sapiens (HS ) was formed from Nature like a twig from a tree, and therefore is itself a part of it at the same time. By the time of its appearance on Earth, for millions and even billions of years, various forms of life had existed.

    For example, viruses, one of whose descendants, COVID-19, gave people such a stir,  originated on Earth about 4 billion years ago. And, according to the latest scientific research, viruses were the form of life,  thus LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor - the Last Universal Common Ancestor), from which all life developed on Earth, including HS .    

     HS has successfully adapted to exist and develop in a specific habitat,  prevailing at the time of its appearance. For the life of Homo Sapiens, air, water, products of flora and fauna, a certain climate and other natural resources available on Earth were given a certain quality. And it is in this habitat with these HS resources  and exists.  

    But the number of these resources is limited, and the number of people and their consumption  various "gifts of nature" are steadily growing. From the skin  clubs and places in the cave,  up to hundreds and thousands (often among the nouveau riche) of clothing and footwear,  many cars, yachts, planes, huge villas, palaces and a lot of all kinds of utensils, equipment, weapons, etc., etc.

   In addition, a person, over the past century with little, began to consume a thousand times more energy, for the production of which he spends wood, coal, oil, gas and other hydrocarbons.  Nature has been accumulating them for hundreds of millions and even billions of years, constantly maintaining the balance in development necessary for the existence of all living organisms.

     I had to intervene in the matter of the eldest of the ancestors - the virus. At no small cost, he made people who behaved like alien barbarians think about their place and  value on the planet. Although, this price is a penny compared to what punishments people can inflict, for example, “His Majesty the Climate”, the foundation of everything is the lithosphere, or other, more powerful and ruthless than coronavirus, members of a large family of viruses and bacteria. At the same time, having calmed people down a little with the fear of a pandemic, the coronavirus gave them the opportunity to remember what clear skies, water, flora and fauna look like! How beautiful they are when a person does not spoil or soil it all!  

    Those who have reason, let them realize that there is no King and no God Man on Earth. That you must respect the house in which you were born and its inhabitants. That there is no need to spoil anything in the house that others have created before you. On the contrary, it is necessary to study the "operating instructions - User's manual" already created and only after carefully studying them, make your own ideas and innovations. But first, be sure to make sure seven times that you will not harm others and yourself!

     Of course, man, with all his scientific and technical power, is able to preserve and even improve the environment!  But success, under the circumstances, will depend on whether influencers understand  individuals, an important new truth. It lies in the fact that the most important thing now is not to invent and produce  any other technical device that will “solve” the accumulated environmental and climate problems and “make” people happy!

     The most important thing is to identify, realize and form the correct behavior/life habits that will give Homo Sapiens and their descendants the opportunity to survive WITHOUT these endless new, most often unnecessary, things and technology!  Since about a hundred kilograms of living Nature resources are used per kilogram of a thing, and then these things, their production and circulation,  killing nature!

     This task must be solved by all Homo Sapiens, since everyone has one Home, one habitat! How can you ensure clean air in the atmosphere if others around you will spoil it?

   It is necessary to form a new paradigm, a new understanding of what is useful and harmful, based on the indicators of the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs ), adopted by two hundred countries, including Russia, and not from the usual, such “understandable and simple” GDP.  

     According to advanced science, GDP does not make sense and is even harmful, and therefore doomed. From the standpoint of GDP, the most useful member of society is the one who produces a lot and sells to others (no matter to whom and why), earns a lot (no matter how and at what cost) and spends a lot (no matter why and on what).

    The task of changing understanding can be solved most effectively through a joint movement towards truths, the exchange of high-quality, verified knowledge, experience, tools, that is, mutual enlightenment.      

      So, we (our family and associates) came to the conclusion that “no one will help us if we don’t help ourselves” and took up this business by developing an educational, educational and organizationally integrating Internet project “ Eco Sana Club ”.

     We believe that the more similar projects there are in different cities and countries, and the more hundreds, thousands and millions of people, somehow connected and trusting each other, will be involved in them, the faster a critical mass of Homo Sapiens will accumulate, which will be able to breed themselves and their fellow-looking people out of a dead end.     

     We invite/call all Homo Sapiens who, in every sense, have received these understandings and suggestions, to join us. Or create something like your own and involve Homo Sapiens from your circles in your projects. This topic concerns absolutely all reasonable people, regardless of social status, age, nationality, religious  beliefs, party affiliation, material well-being, and so on and so forth. Everyone who wants health, longevity, happiness and well-being for themselves, their loved ones, friends and descendants should join this movement.

   For problems have accumulated in abundance, it is no longer possible to postpone their solution, and there will be enough work for everyone and for everyone. In addition, if you approach the matter wisely, which is what we propose to do, then it will not only be vital in terms of the result, but also interesting and useful even in the process of implementation!  


ECOLOGY, in this context, is:

1) Science that studies the relationship of man, animals, plants and microorganisms among themselves, as well as with the natural and climatic environment;

2) The natural and climatic environment surrounding man, which constitutes the conditions for the existence of animals and plants in any locality and on the planet as a whole.




(ESCape to Life from disaster)


Mission: to promote the conservation of Nature and Homo Sapiens, the implementation of the 17 global UN Sustainable Development Goals (17SDGs UN), the European project "EU Green Deal", the Russian national project "Ecology" and local projects for sustainable development of territories



family / home (family / home);

team / village (team / estate);

community / city (community / town); 



humanity/world  (humanity/world).





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