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The first human race in the history of mankind for 1 km in a glacial lake in Antarctica, where even in summer water is around 0 Celsius, air is minus 20-30 and fierce winds blow, is scheduled for January 23, 2020. It is preparing to be completed without any wetsuits, in swimming trunks, a cap and swimming goggles, a unique environmental swimmer, professor, “Patron of the oceans” from the UN, fifty-year-old - Lewis Pugh (https://lewispughfoundation. org/east-antarctica-2020).


With this swim, he wants to draw the attention of the whole world to the plight of the oceans associated with vital climatic and environmental problems. Lewis seeks the creation of ocean reserves (MARINE PROTECTED AREAS (MPAS) and proved that this problem can be solved. But the broad and active support of many people is needed so that the greed and aggressiveness inherent in some rulers of the world do not interfere with the solution of tasks vital to humanity.

Lewis timed this swim to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Russian sailors Bellingshausen and Lazarev.

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With him will be former President of Costa Rica Jose Maria Figueres and the most titled hockey player in the world, the UN ambassador for the Arctic and Antarctic - Slava Fetisov, whom Lewis personally asked for support.

EcoSanaClub family level Семья Вакуленко

It was Slava Fetisov who invited Anton Vakulenko, the youngest 12-year-old member of our family, to support the Antarctic mission and introduced to Lewis.


We were pleasantly surprised when we soon received a detailed invitation from Lewis himself (see the appendix). This truly great man, whose speeches, in particular, was listened to by the royal family and the British elite in Westminster (, turned out to be very easy to communicate.


So, Anton and our whole family more than once for a long time communicated with him via video and corresponded.

In general, Lewis conquered the heart of Anton and all of us, and we are eager to do everything possible to support his ecological and climatic mission. This fully coincides with our own aspirations to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the European Green Deal, the Russian national project “Ecology”, etc.

We have already prepared and performed several vocal performances (Anton is the winner of many vocal contests,

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and about 20 million people watched his talk shows with his participation dedicating them to Lewis.


In January, at a meeting with Greta Tunberg, we asked her to support this mission of Lewis and Greta did not refuse.

We write and talk about the mission everywhere, but now, when this incredible, unprecedented risk of health and even the life of Lewis's swim is left in a matter of hours (a lot depends on weather and technology - satellite communications), we are making maximum efforts to support missions. And we ask you also to contribute to this truly vital and noble cause.


We are ready to provide videos and other materials, including exclusive ones, to take part in the show, including with songs of the following genres: 1) anthems of different countries in the languages of these countries (Anton has unique linguistic abilities, excellent musical ear and voice ), 2) world hits in different languages, 3) children's songs on environmental topics that Anton “gave” to Grammy-winning Indian composer Ricky Kesh.

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It can be an interview or participation in a round table.

During the swim, a direct teleconference via satellite is assumed, in which Lewis offered us to participate. And of course we will try to do our best to make this video spread as wide as possible.

After the swim, Lewis plans to fly to Moscow and meet with the political leadership of Russia to convince him to maintain the ecological status of Antarctica and the development of MARINE PROTECTED AREAS (MPAS). We are also invited to Moscow, and moreover, Lewis said that he might come to visit us in St. Petersburg. With best regards,



                                                                                                                      cape town

                                                                                                                      December 2nd 2019

Dear Anthony,


I hope you are very well.


I have 2 missions in life. One is to swim, and the other is to tell as many people as possible about the importance of protecting our oceans.


Next month, I am looking to do both of these things in Antarctica, and will be joined by Slava Fetisov.


I am going to try to swim 1km in a supra-glacial lake on top of the Antarctic Ice Sheet. It will be near freezing water and it should take me about 20 minutes. I am currently training every day to get my mind and body ready.


There are very few true wilderness areas left in the world. In terms of our ocean, only about 13% is largely untouched by humans, and this becomes less and less each year.


So the goal of my swim will be to reach out to people around the world to show them how special Antarctica is, and how the Southern Ocean needs to be protected as soon as possible.


We will have very good satellite connectivity so we will be able to connect globally on social media and TV, live from Antarctica.


As 2020 is such a special year, being the 200 year anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Admiral Bellingshausen, we think this is a really good opportunity to reach out to the whole of Russia with this message. To every household, to every school and to every leader.


Anton, I know that you care deeply about the state of our planet so I would like to please ask for your help.


Our plan is to go to Antarctica by plane, via Cape Town, arriving on January 21st and leaving on January 25th. Aside from my swim, there will be a chance to visit an Emperor Penguin colony as well as nearby science stations, including Novolazarevskaya. We would get back to Moscow in time for the bicentennial celebrations on the 27th /  28th January.


We would love you to be a part of our expedition. Ideally we would like you to come with us.


Sadly this will probably not be possible. We have very limited space for our crucial safety and camera crew.


But we would honored if you would be our Youth Ambassador and connect with Slava and myself regularly by satellite while we are in Antarctica. And of course we would love to meet you in Russia.


Thank you so much for giving this your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


best wishes

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